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Digital Advertising – My top 10 designer’s resources!

You’d be surprised how often I get asked if I have any tips or trade secrets I can reveal when creating advertising for digital.  The thing is there are no secrets beyond that of which apply to traditional advertising (colour, typography, design, etc).  The big difference with digital however is that we can bring what used to be completely static images and through motion, bring them to life.  Improving visibility,  awareness and engagement dramatically.

Below I’ve put together a list of resources, ones that I use regularly when I encounter design and front-end roadblocks when designing HTML5 display and social media ads.  Although I studied digital production in college and literally rocked those 3 years, I honestly feel 95% of what I know, I’ve self taught and learned in the last 10 years working in the field researching and implementing resources like these.

IAB Standards & Guidelines  All the Canadian and U.S. ad specifications (should be followed to avoid issues)
Rich Media Gallery  Everything a designer could ask for when building for DoubleClick Studio or DFP
Social Sizes Cheat Sheet Great up-to-date resources of current sizes for video and images used on social media
Animate CC Chances are you already have Photoshop.  This tool can help bring those images to life.
Helpful Colour Picker Exactly that…fun to play with too!!  Should help simplify designs with larger palettes.
Facebook Guidelines Believe me if your doing digital ads…you’ll be making plenty of these & this resource is great.
Gzip  A software similar to Winzip that compresses final HTML5 files for delivery.
HTML5 Ad builder An interface for building responsive ads, when there’s decent budget behind it. (Costs associated)
Greensock Library Also enjoy front-end programming with JS? This library makes animating in HTML5 easier.
Greensock Cheat Sheet  An extension of the above, a helpful cheat sheet to remember all that it makes possible.

Hopefully these resources will help minimize the frustrations that sometimes present themselves in digital.  Have a specific question?  Leave it in the comments or email me.





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