Brand Commentary

Presto Rebrand

Presto Card New Branding

Ok so I might be a little partial here, I’m fond of bright colours used on black with white copy. I mean my own rebrand is essentially using a similar palette. Although, I was going for something more playful and youthful in addition to being on trend.

Either way Metrolinx new Presto cards look sharp. They are well designed and very stylish, for a card that sits on your pocket that is. The matte charcoal black card appears to have just a sliver of that old neon green, which now bands across the top. Simple and bold lettering reading Presto on the bottom. I can’t say it enough, it looks so clean. If I didn’t already have one, I’d be running to get a new one. Hell I’m considering it anyway, just cause of how nice it would look in my wallet. It remains to be seen if this is simply just a card makeover, or if they plan to roll-out this new branding across their network of signs and tap-on and top-up machines. While the bright green machines are great for accessibility since they are highly visible, this new look would be a welcome change as card-holders generally already know where the machines are now, they’ve been in most stations for years now. Could be the right time! What do you think about Presto’s new card look?