Ad agencies are only as good as their talent!

Unless you have your design & production in-house or are working one-on-one remotely with a contractor. You really have no idea who is designing and developing your social and digital ad campaigns. Sure you’ve hired a big fancy agency to facilitate the direction and media buy of your campaign but what you don’t know is you hired them this time based on how great they were last time. Unfortunately that old digital art director or creative team no longer works with the company but you’ll never be informed of that.

See the thing is, your account representative with the agency is a sales person. They’re going to sell you the moon. Casting a thick vale of smoke over the details. They may have acquired a new art director with similar strengths or they may not have in-house staff at all and are working with contractors like myself remotely. Obviously, we all have to make a living. I am not knocking this process, I often assist agencies as well as Brands.

Problem is, more and more, advertisers are pushing hard for greater transparency. In my opinion this is a huge part of that.

Just to reiterate my point, a simple comparison for thought. A dentist office similarly to ad agencies can easily get crazy expensive. Consider this. Do you prefer a dentist office named “Happy Smiles Dentistry” or “Dr. Marks Dentistry”.

For me, I’ll take the latter. You know exactly who you’ll be seeing and can base the results on the individual performing the work. Nothing worse then showing up for a dentist appointment and finding out someone you’ve never met is going to put their fingers all up inside your mouth with sharp objects…possibly even a drill. Plus “Dr. Marks” is likely to be a whole lot more affordable too.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let’s discuss below!