Content Motivation

Follow your passion!

We all wish we could turn back time and tell our young selves the secrets that the years have revealed to us. If I could have told myself anything back then, it would be to follow your passion. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. No matter how far out it may be, no matter how others will perceive you. You do you. It doesn’t matter what anyone but yourself thinks. At the end of the day, you have to face yourself and be alone with your own thoughts. There are a lot of people in the world that are going to try to hold you down and only you can rise above that. If you’re passionate, others will eventually see it. Passion is infectious.

The thing is dreams can come true. You can actually be anything you want to be. I know it sounds clich√© but you have to affirm yourself. Tell yourself you’re worth it. Tell yourself “you got this”, “you can do it”, “YOU’RE THE BEST”. It’s important you recognize your passion’s strength and your ability to execute on that strength.

My passion is in creative design. Whether I’m tiling a ceramic mosaic, painting a mural, designing digital art or ads, applying theater makeup, animating a scene or character, they are all an extension of this creative gift I’ve naturally been handed but it took me a really long time to embrace the power I had within. To find the confidence I needed to really find ultimate happiness. I wish I could’ve helped myself find it earlier.

You’ve all heard it before, money doesn’t buy happiness. To me money doesn’t even equal success. Sure money is nice and of course having enough to live comfortably is ideal. But for me, happiness and success are when you can wake up everyday doing what you’re passionate about.

Learning that my worth is in how I perceive myself not how others perceive me was instrumental in my success’s thus far. My advice to anyone is to just do you. Push through. Be different. Be confident. Be passionate.