Ad tech beware! Adobe offers greater transparency.

Just as Apple forced Adobes hand in the elimination of Flash advertising.  Adobe is taking on Ad tech.  Offering advertisers and publishers a way to circumvent hidden fees attributed to ad tech companies, by granting full disclosure when partnered with Adobe.

Adobe is a major player in the game and this is a big move.  This will essentially allow you to see all transactions between programmatic buyers and sellers within their proprietary ad serving and monitoring software.   By doing so they will be able to report on the paths, routes and funnels that appear to swindle advertiser dollars.

Digital advertising fraud will always play some part in this ever changing programmatic atmosphere as companies are often a step or two behind the fraudsters.  However, players like Adobe stepping up to the plate to address the issue head on is bound to only strengthen the entire industry and mitigate the issue.

For obvious reasons, I love Adobe.  They have consistently been at the core of virtually everything that I’ve produced since the 90’s.  They never cease to amaze me for innovation at the forefront of digital.  Keep’r going Abobe!




Business Insider