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Video on Linkedin offers new B2B opportunity

All the major players in social media have had native video for a long time, except LinkedIn.  The giant all business network with a portfolio that included a vast video library of eLearning materials from has benefited immensely from being acquired by Microsoft a few months back.  Microsoft has not only stream-lined and improved both mobile and desktop user experiences but they have also introduced new native features and media into the site including video.

This is exciting.  For the first time marketers will be able to target B2B content & advertising utilizing rich video.  While this is still in it infancy it’s likely to be yet another game changer caused by digital disruption.   The potential is huge.

Freelance creators like myself that often work B2B, will be able to have greater visibility by showcasing in further depths the skills they possess without requesting our network connections to visit our content elsewhere.   Sometimes all it takes is to get your work in front of the right eyes to spark interest or get a lead. In fact, this is why large companies dedicate massive resources to create similar content in the form of proposals and presentations for their clientele. The biggest difference however is this new media outlet will inform audiences passively, rather then being aggressively targeted.

LinkedIn reports on a great deal of information that is proprietary to the platform. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or any of the established social giants, LinkedIn has a sense of your income, education and status level or class. It will be interesting to see how combining this proprietary data within targeted campaigns will perform. My intuition is that it’s going to be very successful. I mean I am betting on Microsoft after all. So odds are in my favor.

So as of today (Nov. 2, 2017) LinkedIn has some basic requirements for native video. The video must be at least 3 seconds long and can’t exceed 10 minutes. The maximum file size is 5GB. They only offer this as an organic post and they don’t currently serve paid video ads at this time. LinkedIn appears to be focused on building a great user experience and learning environment for it’s members but as with the other social leaders, moving to video advertising is a natural progression, this is also where the biggest dollars are. With traditional broadcast losing a lot of its investors to digital video, Microsoft will eventually turn LinkedIn into a cash cow.

Will you be utilizing LinkedIn native video?