Facebook Canvas & Carousel Ad Units – Tips for effectiveness.

Facebook introduced these ad units a couple years back and they have soared in popularity.  They are really great for selling products as you have multiple frames to showcase your offerings.   While less brand’s do so, these units are also really great for story telling.

Ultimately most advertisers are looking for clicks.  While this unit may produce clicks, the results are underwhelming.  Often, especially on mobile, these clicks are unintentional.  This unfortunately ends up skewing your campaign results appearing to increase your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Now don’t get me wrong.  These ads are genius.  It just has to be considered that interaction of any sort with these units is a win.  It’s not just about the click.  These ads engage the consumer.  When done correctly, you can entice 5-10 individual interactions.  With each allowing you to show more content and increasing awareness in your brand.  Nothing is more important then awareness.

So now your probably wondering what the secrets are to reaching the highest engagement with the Facebook Canvas and Carousel Ad Units.  Well I can’t tell you everything that works but I can steer you in the right direction with a couple vital tips.

  1. Try Placing content between slides.  Rather then placing your product or featured image within the full frame.   Have half the image be on the first frame and the other half on the second that’s partially hidden off screen.   With the right image, its quite tempting for the consumer to want to see the hidden portion.
  2. Consider using a question in the first frame.  Again if you’ve hit the right target within your audience they simply can’t resist good trivia.
  3. It’s all about the tease.  Try putting an incomplete tidbit of info followed by an ellipses.  Then again on the next frame and next and so on.  You can tell a short brand story or get your message across in a way that is subconsciously quite memorable.

After completing the art direction and production of numerous campaigns utilizing these digital units and analyzing their performance, I’ve learned what simply works.  Inquire should you need assistance utilizing them in your next campaign.



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