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The future is in motion

Our entire existence is in a state of motion.  Day after day and all around you.  Everything we do, even at rest involves movement.  Even when you try to keep yourself absolutely still, you still breath, your heart still beats.

We as humans are designed to recognize even the subtlest of movements in one another, also known as body language and visually we engage with motion at unprecedented rates compared with other stimuli.  Digital Video is our most engaging example of motion.  It’s being exploited 3 to 1 next to digital display advertisement.  Only a year or two ago, the opposite could be said.

The rise of content marketing has opened a new market and media type that is a bit of a blend between the old and the new,  While you can still create long form video that’s truly spectacular that may also perform well, it will likely also be expensive and timely to create.   Or of course you can create your tried and true static key art or social post but.with the next generation is appears the biggest performer here is a blend of the two.

While technically the user is watching a looping video, the goal is to make is look like an image.  With subtle nuances, small and short animated pieces to grab a users attention and not the latter of aggressively forcing the consumer to process a lot of visual information in the same span of time.   Ad blindness has become a real issue.   Subtle animation and motion graphics will play a vital role in this upcoming chapter in social and content advertising as well as crossing over into traditionally still key art as more and more billboards and displays become digital.

The future is in motion.  Need help reaching the future?  Get it touch.



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