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Content Specifications

Flexible Ad template

With the IAB in the USA introducing flexible ad specs, it’s only a matter of mere moments before IAB Canada is bound to follow suit.  This is once again going to shake up the industry as publishers and agencies are going to have to find a new talent pool.  The simple fact of the matter is  ...

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Content Social

The future is in motion

Our entire existence is in a state of motion.  Day after day and all around you.  Everything we do, even at rest involves movement.  Even when you try to keep yourself absolutely still, you still breath, your heart still beats. We as humans are designed to recognize even the subtlest of  ...

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COPA 2017

This year I was selected to be one of 90 talented industry leaders to judge the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.  It’s an honor to be ranked among this talented panel.   Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out at The Awards event that will be held on November 13 at the Double  ...

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New Digital Ads

IAB Releases New Ad Ratio’s

The time has come.  While it’s not too surprising to those who work with digital advertising on the regular, it could come as a huge surprise to agencies without a dedicated creative team.   Responsive cross-device HTML5 websites having taken over the web over the last 5 years so the next  ...

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